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Europe Active overzicht EU Corona maatregelen voor sportscholen

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European Fitness Club Restrictions

Monday 20th December 2021

The latest position on fitness club openings in Europe
Country Open/Closed Covid pass or equivalent Restrictions in place
Austria Open with limitations Yes The 2G rule (vaccinated, recovered) applies
Belgium Open with limitations Yes Gyms can reopen at limited capacity, as well as with social distancing and ventilation requirements.
Bosnia & Herzegovina Open    
Bulgaria Open with limitations Yes Gyms are only open if both staff and consumers have a Green Pass.
Croatia Open with limitations   Gyms need to provide at least 20 square metres per person, must be ventilated, equipment needs to be sanitised between users.
Cyprus Open with limitations Yes Sports facilities are open with limitations. Members must present a SafePass to access gyms. Gyms operate at maximum capacity of 1 person per 10 square meter.
Czech Republic Open with limitations Yes Open with restrictions: max. capacity 1 person/15 m2, total maximum 10 persons. All visitors must prove their negative test or vaccination or 90 days limit after Covid
Denmark Open with limitations Yes A coronapass must be presented. Face masks are mandatory.
Estonia Open with limitations Yes A COVID certificate (proof of vaccination status, a negative COVID test, or evidence of having recovered from the coronavirus) is required.
Finland Open with limitations   Fitness centers are open. There several restrictions, such as distances, hygiene instructions, and self-monitoring documents. Regional restrictions may apply.
France Open with limitations Yes Gyms can now open at full capacity but with social distancing requirements (2m). Wearing a face mask when circulating inside gyms is mandatory. The Pass Sanitaire (Health Pass) must be presented to show a proof of negative COVID test or vaccination.
Georgia Open   A negative test or proof of vaccination must be presented.
Germany Open with limitations Yes The 3G rule (short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen – vaccinated, tested, recovered”) applies. The restrictions vary depending on the Bundes. More information: https://www.fitnessmanagement.de/corona/corona-update-uebersicht-oeffnung-fitnessstudios-2021
Greece Open with limitations Yes An immunity or vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test taken up to 48 hours needs to be presented.
Hungary Open with limitations Yes Government-issued immunity cards need to be presented to access gyms.
Iceland Open with limitations   Gyms are permitted to operate at 75% capacity
Ireland Open with limitations Yes Gyms can operate at full capacity as long as all attendees have proof of immunity. Social distancing and ventilation requirements still apply.
Italy Open with limitations Yes 2 meter social distancing must be respected. Either a negative COVID test or proof that you have been vaccinated/have had COVID must be provided.
Latvia Open with limitations Yes A proof of full vaccination or recovery is mandatory to enter gyms.
Liechtenstein Open    
Lithuania Open with limitations Yes As of mid-September, a negative test or proof of vaccination must be presented, Gyms must ensure at least 20 square metres of floor space per person, including staff members. Group exercises are limited to five people, exluding instructors.
Luxembourg Open with limitations   Social distancing measures are in place. Gyms must ensure at least 10 square metres per person.
Macedonia Open    
Malta Open with limitations   Social distancing (3m) must be guaranteed, as well as 1 person per 6 square metres. Limited capacity of 75 persons.
Netherlands Closed   As a lockdown is currently in place, gyms are closed until 14 January.
Norway Open   For indoor organised leisure activities, a recommendation of groups of up to 20 people for adults over the age of 20. Indoors, adults are recommended to keep a distance, when possible, in order to perform the activity, and a recommendation to keep a distance of 2 metres for high-intensity training.
Poland Open with limitations   Limited capacity (10 sqm per person, 75% of occupancy) and social distancing of 1.5m.
Portugal Open Yes It is recommended to guarantee a distance of 1.5m. Mask is mandatory when circulating in the gym, but not when working out. As of 1 December, COVID certificate is required.
Romania Open with limitations Yes As a lockdown is currently in place, gyms can only open from 9.00 to 17.00. Sports facilities may open at 30% capacity, and a COVID certificate is mandatory to access gyms.
Slovakia Open with limitations Yes Gyms are only open to vaccinated and recovered persons.
Slovenia Open with limitations yes The RVT (Recovered – Vaccinated – Tested) rule applies.
Spain Open with limitations   Open with limitations (social distancing, limited capacity, testing) depending on the Region. Some regions (e.g. Catalonia) now require a COVID certificate.
Sweden Open with limitations   Gyms operate at limited capacity. Municipalities and regional authorities may impose stricter restrictions.
Switzerland Open with limitations Yes The COVID certificate, showing proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test, is now mandatory in gyms. A special Swiss Covid-Certificate was implemented: - Certificate for tourists vaccinated abroad with a vaccine approved only by the WHO (incl. licensed products, i.e. Sinovac & Sinopharm): Valid 30 days - Certificate of recovery after a positive PCR-test: Valid now 365 days (before: 180, like in the EU-countries) - Certificate of recovery after a positive antibody test: Valid 90 days - Certificate for people who can neither be vaccinated nor tested and possess an aproved medical certificate: Valid 365 days
Turkey Open    
Ukraine Open with limitations    
United Kingdom Open   Open with no restrictions.

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